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HVAC applications

Acting since 1979 in the field of air-conditioning and refrigerating applications, CALADAIR started to develop its know-how in the HVAC field at the end of the last century.

Thus we confirm our presence as a manufacturer by offering a complete HVAC range.

Answering to the housing ventilation with a 400°C-1/2H program certified by the CTICM laboratory and covered by the technical notices delivered by the CSTB our CALI C4 program, matched with our LOBBY® program permits to make economy savings.
Present in commercial ventilation, for exhaust and blowing, our program included the MINIMAX® and MAXIPLUS® ranges particularly designed for its compactness (small height) and acoustic performances based on the PHONIC version.

To that we propose our COMBIBOX® range for the ventilation of commercial buildings offering a design matching perfect criteria between dimensions, air flow and acoustic performances.  
For fire protection, we develop a complete 400°C/2H program certified by the CTICM laboratory from 300 to 50 000 m3/h based on our REFLEX®, DIABLO® et PYROSTAR® ranges dedicated to Public building, Sky scrapers buildings, parking and professional kitchens.
CALADAIR, based on its fluid know-how offers a complete program of air handling units from the most simple to the more complete up to 60 000 m3/h through its COMBIBOX CONCEPT®, CMH et CDFI/CDFP ranges.
To this large HVAC range, CALADAIR adds systems and solutions in control, real « PLUG & PLAY » equipments answering to thermic regulations and concrete building automation.
The whole program is built on a constant technical and marketing approach to bring solutions adapted to the installations requirements and to be in accordance with energetic (EN1886, EN13053…), thermic (NF-EN12101-3…) regulations.
Trough a professional network, real partners of our Company with trustful, concrete and durable commercial relationship, we are presents and actives in more than 30 Europeans and African countries.